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metamorphosis of the heart 
Broken glass from a jar casted into a peach pit given to me by my first lover

Peach Pit

The beholden of a broken heart, one given to a lover now metamorphosized. 

Finding the necessity of change. Of life within the fallen. 

Find the melt given from the beloved and grant it the power to mend. One of our greatest powers lies in malleability. In the ability to shapeshift through an absence. 


When a peach falls to the ground and begins its slow process of decay, it is often easy to forget that it is a seed being planted. 


We are attached to so many things outside of ourselves. 

Our minds beholden to puddles. The love of exteriority that we attach ourselves to fills us with knowledge unknown before. 

What can an edge teach you? 

Find that love for the beloved in the other -- in strangers, 

In rocks, 

In the curve of the road,

In the sound of water hitting the roof.

Now you know how to love. 

Learning to love without loving. 

Just being. 


Let the fruit fall. Let sugars rot into black earth. Let the seed dig down. 


Something will grow. 

It looks familiar, 

but is new. 

A new life grows from the 

peach pit. 

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