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Gone Are The Rules That Say You Must Be: 

Performance / Video 

Duration: 90 minute / 14 minutes 18 seconds 



For this performance piece I carry 148 lbs of rock, equal to the weight of the first man I ever loved, 3.3 miles, the distance from my house to his. 

to watch a leaf fall from its tree 
Collected leaves taped to studio wall with the written moment of their documented fall. 

2021 - ongoing 

Keeping only the ones that touch or land on me. Ones that cross my path. Something that has touched the sky and fallen. 

Malecón Habanero (Quiet Night of Quiet Stars)

Collaborative piece with Tatiana Mesa Paján 

Stacked glass, mirror, kissing the glass thinking of a person, place or time. Written documentation of moment, or not. 


build a house of glass, build it around yourself and find your way out.
build a star, to hold up the sky. things do not seem so far away when you can make a place in between.

Kiss the stars. a Kiss cannot travel
but is aware of distance, of the impossibility of the infinite. write the kiss, or do not.’

Take a photo to activate a unique constellation. A constellation seen by two cannot be seen by one, and the one seen by two cannot be seen by ten.
I will take a photograph everyday.

Touching Distance (An Eclipse)

Sheer fabric, silk, straight pins, insulation fire brick (148lbs , 6’2”)


Suspended from the ceiling hangs a skin. Pinned to the skin is an image of an intimate, but barely legible self portrait printed onto silk. Standing across from the skin are forty insulation fire bricks stacked 6’2". A brick tugs on the corner of the skin and two more lie nearby, as if the skin had managed to carry them there. The forty-three bricks total measure up to the height and the weight of my first lover. The lights are used in order to emphasize the space between the bodies. In the shadow cast on the wall is written a text which acknowledges the dualities between distance and desire.

No present without resurgence (n1)

Concrete, Paper, Silver prints


Thirty 5”x7” bricks are made by digging a hole and casting concrete onto paper and gelatin silver prints placed into the earth. The paper and the concrete together mold to the formation of the landscape. The paper consists of a text written and then erased, leaving only the impression of the marks left on the surface. Stains are left on the paper from such an intimate encounter with the earth, while it has eaten the emulsion off the silver prints, leaving a deteriorated image of a landscape.


Finding a heart 

Finding a body without a heart 

Collected door and key 


Friday, December 3, 2021: 

While on a walk through neighborhood alleyways, I found a key nestled into the earth. After walking 7 blocks west, and 2 blocks south, I find a red door with glass panels, one of which is broken. In my mind, I begin to wonder if this was the door to the key I had just found earlier. I go up to this lonely, propped up door, stick the key in, and to my surprise, I turn the lock. 



I am left with the taste of dust in my mouth

Insulation fire bricks from a stack the weight and height of my first lover, written documentation of the date and time of when I kiss the bricks (a thought when present)  
November 2021 - May 2022


metamorphosis of the heart 
Broken glass from a jar casted into a peach pit given to me by my first lover

Peach Pit

The beholden of a broken heart, one given to a lover now metamorphosized. 

Finding the necessity of change. Of life within the fallen. 

Find the melt given from the beloved and grant it the power to mend. One of our greatest powers lies in malleability. In the ability to shapeshift through an absence. 


When a peach falls to the ground and begins its slow process of decay, it is often easy to forget that it is a seed being planted. 


We are attached to so many things outside of ourselves. 

Our minds beholden to puddles. The love of exteriority that we attach ourselves to fills us with knowledge unknown before. 

What can an edge teach you? 

Find that love for the beloved in the other -- in strangers, 

In rocks, 

In the curve of the road,

In the sound of water hitting the roof.

Now you know how to love. 

Learning to love without loving. 

Just being. 


Let the fruit fall. Let sugars rot into black earth. Let the seed dig down. 


Something will grow. 

It looks familiar, 

but is new. 

A new life grows from the 

peach pit. 

A Strange Shadow of Looking 

Glass, prints on silk 


For 13 days -- starting in November and ending in December -- I invited men I had never met to my house in order to photograph me naked. Before committing, each participant would agree to certain terms. Overall, there would be no sexual exchange, but participants could ask for something in return. This included things such as: a conversation, their own photographs taken, to masterbate to me. Each session led to the exchange of documentation of my naked body with some sort of return. Through the documentation, I become aware of the parts each man held the most desire for through what they photographed the most. I would let the participants instruct me, let them pose me. My body became the subject for desire, with the camera as both the barrier and penetrator.

due date card / 7 of diamonds  

On November 29, 2021, I went to the library in search of my lover's name on a book in any form --in the title, the author, the editor, anything. After 2 hours and 7 minutes, at 5:56 PM, I find one book with the name Landon. 

Preparing Teachers as Professionals

Landon E. Beyer

Nelson Pointer Library

On November 19, 2021, at 5:28 PM, I found a card I had once lost a year ago. The card was taken out of a deck of cards that belonged to my lover, and which I kept the 7 of diamonds hidden in my phone case. 

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