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Home In All The Places I Cannot Be: 

Installation with mirrors and projected live streams 


This work serves as an attempt for myself to bring the outside world to this inside. I was interested in how I could immerse my personal environment with the sensations that came from the places I could not experience while contained within four walls. Mirrors are used here as a projected surface that fills the room. The mirrors themself do not hold a solid image, rather they refract and transmit the light received to other parts of the room. In doing so, not only do they break up the space we have already conceived, but it creates a new space for engagement. The reflections bounce in the direction the mirror is pointed, which creates paths along the floor, different perspectives on the walls, and a reflection of the reflected image back into the mirror itself. 

The videos projected are recorded live streams found via their accessibility on the internet through National Park websites and YouTube or are self recorded. 

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