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My Love For The Bull:

Performance / Video
Duration: 20 minute / 6 minutes 15 seconds


In this 20 minute performance (6.15 min Video), I undress for a herd of bulls in order to see their reaction to my body entering their space. Using the bulls as a metaphor to a bunch of horny men, I wanted this piece to be a reflection of the way I vulnerably give myself and my body away to men. Placing myself within a dangerous situation relates to the ways that we as humans inflict ourselves with toxicity, allowing ourselves to be placed in a state of danger, but solely by choice. The bulls seem very interested in my approach, and react in an almost aggressive way of stampeding towards me. We were met with moments of long gazes and silence, moments for both animal and human alike to share energy and experience. I felt that these bulls could feel the pains that were inflicted upon me by my men, and thus allowed me to release those traumas into

a greater force of understanding. The way the video is shot allows the viewer to be pulled into the tensions that occurred between the bulls and I, and in doing so, allows a personal relationship and involvement with the piece. It becomes a unique familiarity between the artist and the viewer that can only be per one's sole experience.

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